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What Is Chakra Energy?

Everything in our universe is built from energy. Chakra energy can never be lost. However, it can be transformed, blocked, or transmuted. Kinetic energy is the energy that connects to the human chakra system. Our chakras need this energy to run freely in a clockwise direction over each chakra center.

“Kinetic energy, a form of energy that an object or a particle has by reason of its motion. If work, which transfers energy, is done on an object by applying a net force, the object speeds up and thereby gains kinetic energy.”


In the Sanskrit language, the word “chakra” translates into the word “wheel.” A healthy and balanced chakra spins like a wheel in a clockwise direction.

Kinetic Chakra Energy Can become Unhealthy, and Unbalanced:

  • Stagnant and clogged with energy.
  • Spinning too slowly. This is an underactive chakra.
  • Spinning too fast. This is an overactive chakra.

The Seven Main Chakra Energy Centres

We have seven main energy core centers in our human bodies. They start from the bottom of our base (tailbone area) to the top of our head.

A quick guide to the seven chakras and their roles:

  • Root: your day-to-day survival here on earth.
  • Sacral: your sense of self as a human being
  • The Solar Plexus: represents your self-esteem, identity, and personal power.
  • Heart: love and compassion for yourself and for others.
  • Throat: represents the voice, which is important for effective communication and personal truths.
  • Third Eye: stimulates your sixth senses and allows you to tune into your gut instincts.
  • Crown chakra: connects you to your higher self and pure consciousness.

We also have many other smaller chakra areas within our bodies. For now, these chakras are less important. Your seven main chakras need to be running smoothly before you tap into the other chakras.

We need our main energy centres to be in harmony with one another. This enhances our mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. Our body’s functioning can be likened to the energy of an 18-wheeler semi-trailer with a bad wheel. If that wheel (tyre) is worn, punctured, deflated, or overinflated, this is a recipe for disaster. Especially for long-term hauling. The braking system, traction, handling, steering, comfort, gas (fuel) cost are a nightmare. The chance of a blowout is extremely high.

When our seven chakras are not in alignment from the root to the crown chakra, we cause illnesses. We create disharmony and dis-ease in our energetic bodies.

The Most Common Symptoms are:

  • Feeling sluggish and tired all the time, no matter how much sleep we do or don’t get.
  • Anxious, paranoid, and misguided.
  • Irritated, enraged, and perplexed.
  • Sickly — the feeling that you need a tune-up or an upgrade

In my free chakra series on my blog, I go into deeper detail about each chakra center. I will explain the troubles that you or another experiencing and how to balance that chakra.

As a certified healer of many holistic modalities, I give guided solutions. I have not included mudras for now, in my series but hope to update that soon. . I also have included a short downloadable chakra meditation. with preparation instructions for balancing your chakras in my chakra series.

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A Quick Guide to Cleansing and Protecting Your Chakra Energy

Regular aura cleansing can assist with balancing one’s chakras. Especially if you have suffered a lot of trauma, sickness, and/or blockages in your life. It is recommended that you follow the below process and then continue onto your root chakra and so on.

Before starting any spiritual exercise, one should ground themselves. This can be done by standing barefoot on the earth. If that is not possible, just imagine your feet growing roots into the earth. Then continue to imagine that your feet have the root system of a grand, beautiful tree. Gently tug these imaginary roots as this will activate the Earth Star Chakra.

Now surround yourself with the divine white light. This can be done by simply imaging white light showering you like a beautiful waterfall. Invite your guides, ancestors, and archangels for protection. For protection, you may prefer to perform your own ritual or personal prayer. So, please feel free to make adjustments to the below to suit your performances.

Always state your intention before you begin and your protection prayer. Or adjust the below prayer to suit your own personal preferences.

Dear guides, ancestors, and archangels, please connect with me now. Please protect and assist me with clearing any energy that no longer serves my highest good.

Archangel Michael, please cut the cords to any attachments or negative energy that no longer serve me. Transmute them for cleaning and return them back to their owner or their original source. Archangel Raphael, please blanket me with your healing green rays. Remove any illnesses or diseases that aren’t serving my best interests. Archangel Zadkiel please protect and seal my aura with the violet flame.

Thank you; guides, ancestors, and archangels for being with me now. For protecting and assisting me on this healing journey. Amen.

Aura Sweeping

  • In a standing position, close your eyes and silence the mind.
  • Place one hand up a few inches above the body with the palm facing upwards. This is to receive purer energy from the divine. Keep that hand in place throughout this process.
  • With the other hand, spread your fingers out widely.
  • Now use that hand in a slow sweeping motion, brushing the energy down from your body in a downward motion. Keep your hand from touching your body.
  • When you reach the bottom of your body, shake your sweeping hand. This is to remove any unwanted energy.
  • If you have felt any, go back over any dense areas.
  • Do all sides of your body and repeat until your energy feels clear.

Now I want you to imagine a violet flame of light or a gold light surrounding your body. Imagine this light around a multidimensional energy ball. Surrounding your body in a three feet sphere.

Now your energy is now clean, clear, and protected. Thank your guides, ancestors, archangels, or anyone that you have invited to help you with this cleansing.


Thank you, dear souls, for trusting me, to be your forwarding light. I appreciate the time that you have spent with me. I would be honoured and grateful for any feedback that you may have. Please feel free to explore my blog, and take advantage of my free chakra series.

I am also open to suggestions for any future posts. If no one has told you today that you’re honoured and that you are loved, I am holding that space for you right now for you.

With Blessings and Love — Sherry 💚



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