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12 Universal Laws. Are You Following Them Correctly?

12 Universal Laws:

The law of attraction is well-known, but did you know that there are 11 other universal laws that have an impact on our lives as well? That in order to reap the greatest benefits, each universal law must work in tandem with one another. Understanding each of the universal laws will give us insight into how to manifest successfully and be masters of our own fate.

The twelve universal laws are thought to have originated in ancient Hawaiian and Egyptian cultures where people were more in tune with their guides and higher selves. When these laws are applied in conjunction with one another, they form a road map for a fulfilling life lived to the fullest.

So, what are you sending out into your human energy vortex?

The Universal Laws In Alphabetical Order Are:

The Law of Attraction:

Whatever we focus on is where our energy flows, and we attract more of what we focus on, whether good or bad. As this is where we release all of our faith and belief system’s energy into the universe, which is then returned to us in a similar form. Every thought, and deep-seated belief, is mirrored back to us in our physical world of who we are and how we truly feel.

When we set new intentions for affirmations to attract better things into our lives, we will not be able to mirror back our desires if we do not truly believe and trust in the process. We do, in fact, need to reprogram our belief systems to aid us in our growth.

The Law of Cause & Effect:

Also referred to as “The Great Law of Karma,” whatever we put out into the universe will return to us. Everything, including our thoughts, is made up of energy. Everything we send out into the universe will eventually return to us.

You will reap the benefits, good or bad, of whatever you have put out into the universe, even if unintentionally. Strive to be your best at all times, and your best will be returned to you.

The Law of Compensation:

We are compensated for the time and effort that we devote to our lives, work, and relationships. This holds true for both negative and positive energy. The more good energy that you put into a situation, the greater the rewards you will reap. The more negativity and resentment you bring into a situation, the more bad results you’ll receive.

When we act from the heart and bless people with our acts of generosity, where we are assisting them in a way that is free of judgement and expectations. We shall be richly repaid for our deeds, as the universe will shower us with many blessings.

The Law of Correspondence:

According to the law of correspondence, the subconscious patterns we repeat every day shape our lives, and these patterns either benefit us or hold us back. As a result, we must concentrate on what we contribute to our existence.

We can be held back from realising our greatest potential when we follow ancestral patterns that have been encoded into our subconscious mind since birth. To reach our greatest accomplishments, we must reprogram our patterns.

The Law of Gender:

The Chinese symbols representing the union of opposites of the masculine and feminine energies, often known as “Yang and Yin,” are comparable to the law of gender.

The human body has both masculine and feminine energy, and when they’re in perfect harmony, it’s called “divine union with oneself.” This is your highest level of consciousness, where you are entirely in tune with your higher self. When we allow one energy to dominate the other, the ego takes control of our analytical mind.

This is also similar to how you perceive the other sex in your life. Do you regard them as equals, or do you consider yourself to be superior to them? We are truly connected when we perceive others as equals in our relationships, professions, or enterprises, regardless of their sexual gender conditions.

The Law of Inspired Action:

This law speaks for itself: you cannot put your thoughts into action if you are constantly sitting on your couch doing the same thing day after day. This law, combined with many other laws, including the law of attraction, will compliment each other, coming to fruition.

Is it necessary for you to create a vision board in order to stay focused and motivated? Is there an activity or exercise that requires you to get out of bed an hour earlier? Commit to your goals if you want to achieve ultimate success.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:

On an energetic level, the universe is constantly moving and evolving. Systems and societies change, and we must learn to change with them in order to achieve the best possible outcome in our lives. You can either stay stuck in your old energies and live in the same existence, or you can turn those experiences into learnable lessons.

As an example, all of my life lessons have become blessings for me. As a result of knowing what I want and don’t want in my life, I have healthy set boundaries that I follow, such as the “12 Rules of Universal Laws” and the “12 Laws of Karma.”

The Law of Polarity:

There is a polar opposite for everything in the universe. From good to bad or light to dark. This is how we can use our discernment throughout our daily decisions. This enables us to distinguish between right and wrong and how to balance our ego on a healthy level.

Like darkness at night, our ego serves a purpose in our lives by keeping us safe. When we come from a place of love in our hearts, it keeps us vibrating at a higher frequency than living in the darker vibration of hate. Hate lowers our frequencies and attracts more despair into our lives.

The Law of Relativity:

This law implies that there is no fundamentally good or bad in anything or anyone. We have a tendency to compare and classify things in our world as we see them. Your reality is created by your viewpoint.

If you are living from your heartspace of love, kindness, and compassion, this is what you will see around you as you come into alignment with how you think. If you’re living from your emotions, including wearing rose-colored glasses, all you’ll see is confusion. If you come from a place of lack, all you will see is struggle, what you don’t have, and possibly anger.

The Law of Rhythm:

The law of rhythm is where we realise that everything on our planet has a cycle that repeats itself. Our weather has distinct seasons.
Each year, we follow a calendar with twelve months. The ocean tides come to and from our land. A pendulous swings in a pattern as well, either back and forth or side to side.

This is true for all humans; we, too, have a rhythmic law. When we are in alignment with how we truly feel in our physical, mental, and spiritual health, we should stay focused on what we do want in life and just go with the flow, trying not to resist or fight the challenges that we may face.

If you happen to have some lemons, make some lemonade instead. You were not meant to take that route. Don’t go on that 10km run if you have the flu. Your body is signalling that it needs to rest. The way we respond to our rhythm can either complicate or simplify our lives. To simply put it, don’t try to paddle upstream when the water is flowing downstream.

The Law of Universal Oneness:

Is the realisation that everything in our universe is interconnected. We are one with God, the universe, and the divine. Every atom is a creation of yourself and everything around you, and the energy that exists is immense and invisible to us.

This law can be explained in a simple way: it’s all about judgement and how you see everything else. We share the same creator, holding strong judgement or hatred against another item or person, which may include: colour, racism, beauty, and so on. This is a negative energy directed at ourselves.

This, however, does not take into account preferences. For instance, I prefer a blue rose to any other colour rose as it reminds me of the unconditional love that I share with my older brother Troy, who no longer lives on this earth bound existent.

The Law of Vibration:

Since everything in the cosmos is formed of energy, it has a frequency and vibratory rate. We will attract similar frequencies and vibrations based on our own frequency and vibration.

If we have a high vibrational frequency rate, we will attract other people and situations towards us with this vibration. This will come in the form of attracting good friends, wealth, opportunities, and luck. If we have a lower vibrational frequency rate, we will attract other people and situations towards us of this vibration. This can include being destitute, alone, sick, or having hardships.

However, the universe can sometimes test or bless you by placing another vibrational opportunity in your path. As an example, a lower vibrational person may attract a teacher, mentor, or other figure because one soul is yearning for growth as a result of some type of healing. Another example: a higher vibrational individual may attract a unfaithful partner (love rat) as this individual needs to learn their own self-love and worth.

Healing with Sherry

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